Commercial SDKs

Harmony Connect

Harmony Connect is a proprietary commercial API that allows you to interact with the Factom blockchain without needing to wrestle with currencies, wallets, or blockchain nodes. Instead, you get easy read and write access to the Factom blockchain. Connect will also track your data's path to immutability and will notify you along the way. These clients will allow you to quickly implement the Factom Protocol in your language of choice.
You can find the Go client on GitHub.
The JavaScript client uses Node.js. You can find the package using either GitHub or the npm package manager.
The Elixir client can be found on GitHub or by using the Hex package manager.
The Python client can be found on GitHub or by using the pip package manager.

Factom PRO

Factom PRO is a cloud-based gateway designed to secure business data using the Factom blockchain, anchored to the Bitcoin and Ethereum public blockchains, at a fixed price of a penny per write.
PHP client is available on GitHub: