The Factom blockchain comprises of more than 190 000 blocks, at the time of writing. While the majority of the block lookups are done via APIs, the Explorer allows viewers to peruse data manually. The Factom Explorer provides information about the Factom blockchain including Factoid and Entry Credit addresses, blocks, entries, time stamps, transaction IDs and more.
Exploring Factom blocks manually via the Factom Explorer can be very insightful and informative for users looking to understand Factom’s data structure design. Furthermore, it provides important information such as FCT or EC balance visually, without having to run our software.
There are multiple Factom Blockchain Explorers, run by different parties:
Factom Realtime Explorer — https://explorer.factom.pro TFA Explorer — https://explorer.factoid.org Factom Inc. Explorer — https://explorer.factom.com